In August 2018, following Sweden’s hottest summer to date, one courageous student began to strike from school each Friday, sitting on parliamentary steps to protest her government’s inaction on climate change. What started as a one girl demonstration has turned into a global movement, Fridays for Future. Climate strikes have cropped up in hundreds of countries worldwide, with thousands of people striking to demand their leaders urgently address the climate emergency.

While it is not possible to stand together and strike, due to these tragic and unprecedented times, there are still ways to be get involved virtually. Multiple virtual strikes are being held globally on an ongoing basis through organizations like Fridays for Future and Climate Strike Canada.


Not in a few years. Not tomorrow. Right now. Earth Day has been happening annually for fifty years now, it's time that we step up to create real momentum.  Climate change is real and we’re seeing the effects right here in Canada: forest fires in BC, floods in Ontario, heat waves in Quebec and unfortunately many more.  The UN’s IPCC reported that we have 11 years to avert a climate crisis and that urgent and unprecedented changes to reduce human-caused carbon emissions are required to keep devastating climate impacts at bay. 

Rebecca, 16-year-old climate activist, believes climate policy must be prioritized in order to make meaningful change. She says,

“Climate policy is complicated, but the decision to prioritize it is not. I want to see every level of government prioritize addressing this crisis.”

The more that action is delayed, the more difficult it will be to undo the damage. A sense of urgency from all isn’t just something we should hope for, it’s required.


None of our policy makers will be alive when the worst effects of climate change are felt. Youth today know their generation will be left to bear the impact, so they’ve taken it upon themselves to stand up and fight for their right to a healthier future.

Rebecca acknowledges the unfair position her generation is in:

“Climate change affects us all, but disproportionately effects those that least caused it.” 

But Rebecca, along with her fellow youth activists, are ready to give it all they’ve got. When it comes to her generation’s uphill battle for climate action she says,

“The youth are rising, and we’re going to continue rising until climate is treated as the crisis that it is.”


We believe that every generation has the right to a healthy, sustainable and equitable world. We support the youth climate activists fighting for their right to a healthier future and will stand in solidarity with them to demand bolder climate action from policy makers across Canada. We hope you’ll join us, too.

Our youth are rising. Rise with them to make a stand. Find a virtual event near you and show our country’s leaders that inaction isn’t an option. We have 11 years to avert a climate crisis. Together, we can demand the change we need.

Stand for Climate