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Our sustainable packaging not only holds the good stuff — it is the good stuff.

Packaging is more than just a container to us. Seventh Generation is working hard towards the utilization of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, and our sustainable packaging embodies our mission to nurture the next seven generations.

We believe in following a reuse and recycle policy when it comes to packaging material. In every packaging decision we make, we consider our impact to the safety and sustainability of people and the planet.

Glossary of Terms

We package our products in post-consumer recycled plastic whenever we can. After all, creating less waste isn’t just good business—it’s good sense.

We use recycled materials to make our packaging, and we work for the majority of this to be recyclable packaging in turn.

We aim to give the plastic used in our packaging a new life beyond our products—that’s why strive to we make recyclable packaging.

Recycling should be easy. We include How2Recycle labels on all of our packaging—so it will be.

You have a right to know what’s in the products you buy and bring into your home. That’s why we print our ingredients on the label—right where they should be.

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