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Product sourcing

Responsible sourcing means that we hold all suppliers and manufacturers to the same high standards and accountability that we hold for ourselves at Seventh Generation.

At Seventh Generation we know that to create products you want to bring into your home to your family, we need to both demand and exhibit ingredient transparency. Championing ethical consumption begins at the source. We work only with manufacturers who share our core values, as well as our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint throughout the sourcing and manufacturing process. Our established Supplier Code of Conduct, available on the Seventh Generation website, ensures we have guidelines for measuring this. We believe in the power of ethical consumption and know that sticking to responsible sourcing is the best way we can support it.

Glossary of Terms

From ingredient sourcing, employee benefits, action and advocacy, and beyond, we follow responsible sourcing by setting a high standard for all aspects of our business.

Our supplier code of conduct ensures that our suppliers manage their businesses and treat their employees in a way that’s responsible, ethical, and fair.

All people are equally worthy of respect and share the same basic human rights. We honour this truth in all aspects of business without exception.

The precautionary principle is key to responsible sourcing. This means that if we don’t know how an aspect of our product’s life cycle is going to impact the environment, we find another way that knowingly respects the planet we all share.

From the very beginning, we’ve prided ourselves on being honest in what we say, responsible in how we act, and radically transparent in how we do business.

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