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The Seventh Generation Mission

Meet our Scientists

They’re committed to discovering smart solutions, using plant-based ingredients, for home and family that protect and nurture. For their kids, and yours.

Kay G.

The moment I became a parent, I promised myself that if I had to leave my children every morning to go to work, it would be to create a healthier and safer world. More importantly, I wanted to show the next generation of my family that you can be a female scientist, be in love with your job and the work you do and at the end of the day be proud of the life you lead.

I work at Seventh Generation because I live the values of the company and in turn, influence the company to stay values-aligned through my work with product authenticity testing. The challenges of my work push me, the support of my coworkers motivates me and my love of our products keeps me focused on the future and the opportunity to turn better into best.


M.S. Physical Chemistry, B.S. Biochemistry

Shannon L.

As a natural born researcher I am always curious about the way things works and how people are interacting with the world around them. I have been involved in research for over 15 years and have been a working mom for 11 of those years. The passion I see here for children and human health combined with the amazing creativity of our chemists at Seventh Generation is inspirational and unmatched in our industry. I feel fortunate to be a small part of the work we are doing.

As a mom I cherish the time with my children and being surrounded by the people and the culture here at Seventh Generation is tremendously rewarding, knowing that the time I spend away from them is in an effort to leave this world a little better than where we found it.


Bachelor of Science - Botany

Jean H.

Working at Seventh Generation feels like I've hit the jackpot. I'm working for a company that not only aligns with my personal values, but allows me to think creatively to provide solutions to consumer needs. With each product we launch we take special care into considering all aspects – ingredient origins, packaging materials, end of life stories, and efficacy.

When I leave the office at the end of the day to head home to my two young boys I know I'm doing good work – for me, for them, for the community near and far, and for the environment.


Bachelor of Science - Multimedia Design

Jerica Y.

As a kid I loved playing with boxes, as an adult I still love playing with boxes, which comes in handy as a Packaging Engineer. It's not often you find a work space that supports a box fort at your desk. (Ok, maybe it's not -supported- but it is tolerated). Becoming a part of this community and diving into my role as a Packaging Engineer has been transformative.

A few years ago, if you'd told me I would be digging through garbage for work and actually enjoying it, I would have never believed you. I think what makes my job so enjoyable is that there are amazing and impactful stories in each of our packages and I get to be a part of how that story begins.


Bachelor of Science - Packaging Science

Jen M.

Growing up, my brother and I created a chemistry lab in our basement after our Dad took a position as a Chemistry Professor. Pretending to be mad scientists instilled a lifelong passion for the subject in the both of us. Later in college I took up backpacking and fell in love with the mountains and the outdoors. Hiking trips out west and two summers on a trail crew got me passionate about taking care of the environment.

Here at Seventh Generation, I’ve found the perfect combination of these two interests in a career. I can use my knowledge of chemistry to create products where so much more than profit is considered. I know that with each new product we formulate my health and the health of the planet are being protected.


Bachelor of Arts - Environmental Science